Fool’s Paradise Botanical Pattern


Fools Paradise is a fabric collection inspired by the mysterious world of carnivorous plants, and was designed in collaboration with Indiesew.


The pattern includes over 100 individual illustrations, all representing real plant species.

A closer look reveals the depth and textures in the pattern — and a lone butterfly.
Everything was hand drawn with ink and brush, then colorized Photoshop.

Illustratation Process

After the initial sketches were completed, I carefully added ink to my drawings with a brush. A steady hand, and an excess of patience is required during this part!


Rough sketches.

Ink on paper.

Completed illustrations.

Visual Reference

All illustrations in the pattern are based on real plant species, including Pitchers, Venus Flytraps, Sundews, Butterworts, and Bladderworts.


All photography from The Savage Garden by Peter D’amato, ©2013

Pattern Building

Designed in Photoshop, the pattern required 730 layers organized within 237 groups.
The base tile measures a full 36 x 36 inches.

The tedious process of pattern building involves ensuring that colors and shapes are naturally distributed throughout the design while carefully concealing the repeat.

Color Palettes

Fool’s Paradise includes two main colorways, one dark and one light:


The dark colorway is deep and mysterious.

The light colorway feels fresh and full of growth.

Fabric Collection

This collection includes 7 core designs with many color variants.
All designs are available for purchase from my Spoonflower shop on fabrics, gift wrap, and wallpaper!


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