I was responsible for developing the visual direction for Ravine, a survival themed table top game.
This involved creating the identity, a broad range of illustrations, and several animations for the product launch.

The Ravine identity features custom drawn letterforms inspired by aircraft identification numbers.


A series of original animations were created to promote the game during its successful launch on Kickstarter.

Teaser animation.

Illustration process.

Animated identity.

Back of Card Designs

Four unique card backs were designed to differentiate the categories of play.
A circular theme was used to unify the series.





Illustration: Forage Cards

Players trade health to leave the camp to forage.
While foraging, players may find food and materials, or have various encounters with their surroundings.

Illustration: Night Cards

Players are confronted by various conditions during the night, which directly impact their health and survival.
Triangular motifs were included in the Ravine expansion pack.


Behind this body of work were many hours of visual research, exploration, and concept development.

Early exploration of the identity, where the 'V' becomes the ravine, which is the setting for the entire game.

illustration process: bear

illustration process: deer

rough sketch and final version of landslide illustration

rough sketch and final version of shelter illustration

sketch and final version of plane wing wreckage